How we Started

International Bridges of Friendship

Roslyn McLeod, the President of The Rotary Club of Sydney in 2011, asked Indy Singh to find a project that would build “international bridges of friendship”. Indy knew of the work of two Australian eye surgeons, Dr Jay Chandra and Dr Purnima Roy, in the small town of Rishikesh, in Northern India. They had travelled there, with a team of volunteers to conduct free eye surgery clinics for the desperately poor of the area. Indy decided that if this work could be organised and coordinated properly, it would satisfy the criteria to be a worthwhile and valuable international Rotary project.

Indy Singh – Fundraising Effort

With Indy and his company Fiducian assisting in fund raising, and some support from the Rotary Club of Sydney, Vision Beyond AUS was formed in 2011 with the aim of supporting the Rishikesh project.

In 2012, Indy established Vision Beyond AUS as a registered Australian Charity, with the objectives of “relieving sickness and distress through the provision of medical assistance and by undertaking relief and sustainable development programs for people in Declared Developing Countries without favouritism or discrimination by race, religion, culture or political persuasion”.

Our Target

Indy set a primary target for Vision Beyond AUS that it would restore the sight of 100,000 of the world’s most desperately disadvantaged people who would have no other way to see again…and then he intends to keep going until he has cured as many of the 100 million people who are blind today and have the chance to see again through the work of charities such as Vision Beyond AUS.