Indy Singh’s attention was drawn to the urgent need for help for a humanitarian team working out of the Battambang Ophthalmic Care (BOC) hospital in Battambang, Cambodia. Battambang is in the North West of Cambodia, just over 250 km from the capital Phnom Phen. The hospital, run by Dr. Ek Sarou, provides free ophthalmic care to the poor rural population who, for months at a time, are cut off by the flooded Ton Le Sap River. VBA could see these people were desperately in need of our support and we included Battambang in the VBA “family” in late 2013.

The VBA-supported team of local surgeons travel up the river by boat to reach the poorest villages that are cut off and unable to reach any medical aid, and where necessary, bring people back down the river to the hospital, if they require more complex surgical treatment. All treatment, no matter what it entails, is provided free of charge.

VBA will continue to support the valuable work of Dr Sarou and the BOC team.