Interview with Geoff Cohn for Vision Beyond Australia

Mao Yoeurn

Siek Seang

Chi Lina

Chi Lina was born blind with cataracts in both eyes and had no hope of ever seeing until Vision Beyond Aus surgeons in Battambang, Cambodia, operated for no charge.

Chi’s father abandoned her mother when she was 6 months’ pregnant, leaving her to scratch a living by making souvenirs and selling them to merchants in her village.

As Chi grew, she could not walk safely or play with her friends. But, through the work of Vision Beyond Aus, Chi was brought to the eye centre in Battambang where surgeons operated on both eyes under general anaesthetic – at no cost to her mother.

Chi can now see, begin to learn to read and is on her way out of a life of poverty into one of opportunity.

Jeypal Relli

14 month old Jeypal Relli was brought to our hospital as his parents noticed a white opacity in his left eye for the past 3 weeks. They had consulted other Ophthalmologists, but were not satisfied with their advice. On hearing about our Hospital from fellow villagers they approached us for consultation.

We explained to the parents that the child had congenital cataracts in both eyes although in varying stages. We further advised that the baby had to undergo a complicated surgery and then rehabilitation for the same. They agreed to get the left eye operated upon and only after that the right eye.

The child underwent surgery on 28th Feb 2014 and the post op picture was taken the very next day (1st March 2014). One can see the absolute joy on both the Mother’s and child’s face.