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Children’s Eye Screening Programme

The Reiyukai Eiko Masunaga Eye Hospital (REMEH), occasionally conducts eyesight-screening clinics for school children in remote areas of Nepal. VBA now supports a programme with a target of 10,000 children who would be eligible for free eye testing and screening, followed by prescription spectacles or surgery as required. Read more

Adi Laxmi’s Story

Adi Laxmi is a woman who lives in Southern India, she was desperately poor and totally blind from macular dystrophy of the cornea in both eyes. A face of confusion and fear has now, after two corneal transplants carried out by Dr Sunil Thangaragh and funded by Vision Beyond AUS (VBA), turned to joy.

She has been able to go out and find work to support her disabled husband and her daughter has been able to return to school. Her self esteem has reappeared and life is worth living again. As a family, their lives are transformed.

She asked the surgeon who restored the sight in both her eyes, “Does God live in this place you call Australia?”

How we started

Roslyn McLeod, the President of The Rotary Club of Sydney in 2011, asked Indy Singh to find a project that would build “international bridges of friendship”. Indy knew of the work of two Australian eye surgeons, Dr Jay Chandra and Dr Purnima Roy, in the small town of Rishikesh, in Northern India. They had travelled there, with a team of volunteers to conduct free eye surgery clinics for the desperately poor of the area.